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About Us

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Apree is a London based scarf Brand promoting regional Clothing.

Our Mission

"Our Mission is to bond with our customer emotionally and provide them the products which inspire them. Our collection has all the products which are elegant and handcrafted by love. We believe in treating our craftsmen with love and following the step of respect and dignity for an individual. " - Aprajita Kohli

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  • Resham

Our Value

We care about the customers interest and what will benefit them from our clothing. High quality is a way of life now and we do not compromise on quality and everything is handmade . We are trying to make a difference in society by promoting quality and talent from regional place across India and then in the world. At Apree we believe in listening to our customers and respecting their choices. We are focussed on working on Women Empowerment within our team and outside.

Our Story

The house of apree is founded by Aprajita Kohli, who is an entrepreneur and Director by profession but a fashion addict and traveller by heart. Apree found its route and Origin from India and has been promoting the artwork and material especially found and crafted in India. Apree as a brand specializes in creating luxury and quality products. Each collection has its own story and inspiration behind it. "Lost memories and untold stories" is the theme of our every collection.

Apree products are Designed in London and are Crafted by special craftsmen in India. The products are regional and are special due to its availability anywhere in the world. The cloth material used to make these scarves are limited to the areas where made.

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