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In The Making

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Apree is promoting the regional talent and artwork from remote locations of India. Due to its uniqueness and innovative ideas we are not just promoting brand but also the cloth material, artwork and craftsmen behind it.

Craftsmen Of Apree

"This photo depicts the hard work which has been put behind every scarf. The lady in the picture is one of the team member of Apree and love working everyday to make beautiful scarfs.

Origination Of Ooni Collection

This is the place from where the Craftsmen of Apree belong. The Designs for each scarf are designed in London but crafted by local craftsmen in small towns of India.

Apree Label

Our Label on each scarf describes our brand Apree. Scarfs are designed in London and handcrafted in India with our dedicated Craftsmanship.

Weaving Machine: Ooni Collection

Our scarfs are handmade with pattern designs on each end of Scarfs with weaving machine. These patterns have thread which are further beautifully crafted by hand.


Our sustainable bags at Apree are reusable. We understand how much we love good gift bags but it's not always we can use the same bag for different purposes. We at Apree believe in sustainable environment and creating things which are environment friendly. Our bags are tagged with Apree label which can be removed later and can be reused for your personal purpose.

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